Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors are responsible for planning the various activities and events the LGBTA Council hosts. These include annual state events such as the LGBTA Diversity Summits among other educational and networking programs. The Board of Directors also over-see the LGBTA Council’s Committees and Subcommittees and answer to and work directly with the National Diversity Council’s Executive Director. Members of the Board of Directors must serve for a minimum of two years unless they choose to resign or are forced to resign due to illness or dismissal.

Please note that joining as a member of the Board of Directors requires joining the LGBTA Council at the Council Steward level of membership. Additional information can be found here.

Board Members

The Council would not be able to accomplish its goals without the dedicated help of its Board of Directors and its Advisory Board. Our Board Members are high-ranking members of corporations and non-profit organizations with goals in line with the LGBTA Council’s overall mission: the promotion and integration of workplace equality for members of the LGBTA community.

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