The LGBTA Council for Workplace Equality, a member of the National Diversity Council, is dedicated to promoting the advancement of workplace equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and ally individuals. We provide value to committed organizations through our events and programs, which enhance understanding of LGBTA issues and support the creation of inclusive cultures to boost competitive edge in the marketplace.

The LGBTA community is rich in diversity. It reaches across all cultural lines, representing an expansive talent pool and consumer base with purchasing power of more than $790 billion. Organizations are facing a challenging environment in which they must balance sound business principles with equitable employee policies in order to remain competitive. To be the best in today’s market requires organizations to thoroughly understand how all employees and market segments fit into their strategic plans. Including LGBTA voices and perspectives in strategic discussions is essential.

Since 2009, we have hosted LGBTA Diversity Summits in various states to promote the advancement of workplace equality and build organizational value from the inclusion of the LGBTA community. Whether you are a business, a non-profit or governmental agency, an entrepreneur, a human resources or diversity professional, a people manager or an individual contributor, our educational initiatives will provide you with a better understanding of the LGBTA climate and enhance your readiness to build fully inclusive workplaces.

With the power of equality, we believe organizations ensure the ability to boost their competitive edge. I look forward to the work of the LGBTA Council for Workplace Equalityas part of the ongoing mission of the National Diversity Council and invite advocates and members of the LGBTA community to help us expand the fullest implications of workplace equality.

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