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Welcome to the LGBTA Council, a member Council of the National Diversity Council. We are committed to providing services that support the empowerment of the members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and allies communities in the workplace through education and advocacy. We provide education for organizations and the public on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace. We intend to serve as a support center for LGBTA employees and employee resource groups (ERGs) through in-house research, ERG networking programs, individual support services, and educational awareness.

Above all, we are working to further establish equity and equality in the workplace by putting an end to discriminatory practices and polices that perpetuate stereotyping and bias in the workplace pertaining to members of the LGBTA community. The LGBTA Council envisions a workplace that emphasizes appreciation and mutual respect as an imperative for the health of any business or organization.

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